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CCMT CUTOFF STATUS for Mechanical Engineering

Centralized Counselling for M.Tech./M.Arch./M.Plan./M.Des. admissions (CCMT) 2018 is an on-line admission process for all National Institutes of Technologies (NITs) and several other institutes viz. IIITM Gwalior, PDPM IIITDM Jabalpur, IIITDM Kancheepuram, IIIT Vadodara, SLIET Longowal, NIFFT Ranchi, SPA Vijayawada, PEC Chandigarh, IIIT Allahabad, Central University of Rajasthan, University of Hyderabad, Central University of South Bihar Patna, Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University Katra and IIEST Shibpur. As decided by the Core Committee, Counselling for centralized admission to postgraduate programs in all these institutes will be starting from 1st week of April 2018.

About CCMT :

The Centralized Counseling for M.Tech./ M.Arch./ M.Plan./M.Des. (CCMT) is a convenient platform for the students to apply for M.Tech./ M.Arch./ M.Plan./M.Des. programmes, based on their GATE score of years 2016, 2017 and 2018, in all NITs and reputed Centrally Funded Technical Institutions namely Central University of Rajasthan, ABV-IIITM Gwalior, IIITDM Jabalpur, IIIT Allahabad, Sant Longowal Institute of Engineering and Technology (SLIET) Longowal, Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology (IIEST) Shibpur, National Institute of Foundry and Forge Technology (NIFFT) Ranchi, School of Planning and Architecture (SPA) Vijayawada, Punjab Engineering College Chandigarh, IIITD&M Kancheepuram, IIIT Vadodara, Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University Katra, University of Hyderadad, and Central University of South Bihar Patna. This centralized system has replaced the older system, wherein students had to apply individually to various Institutes and go to every Institute for appearing in interview/counseling. The older system caused a lot of difficulties to students such as filling multiple applications, travelling long distances to various Institutes across the country and missing some Institutes due to overlapping admission dates. 

The Centralized counseling has provided a system wherein the students can fill single online application form from their homes and apply to all programmes in all the participating institutions to which they are eligible. The overall convenience of students has been enormously increased due to centralized counseling. 

The CCMT was initiated in the year 2012 onwards for centralized admission for PG programmes. The CCMT was successfully organized by SVNIT Surat in the year 2017. This year, CCMT is being organized by National Institute of Technology Delhi, Delhi. 

Important information for MTECH:

Opportunities available for Mechanical Engineering Student for doing Masters in Various Centrally Funded Institute (CFI’s) through CCMT Counseling with their Respective Score in GATE-2018, GATE-2017, GATE-2016.
It is Important to Note that, in case of Tie of GATE Score, Old GATE Score should be Given Preference for the Final Selection, So if someone have better GATE Score in previous GATE then try to use that GATE Score for the Counseling.
I have Given Ranking of College based on NIRF, Ministry of Human Resource Development. The factor which are used for Ranking of College is Quality of Faculty, Placement & Higher Studies, fairness of Exam, Financial Resource Utilization, Publication & Research Work & No of Patent

1. NIT Trichy: (All India Rank-11)

Energy Engineering: Gen-711, OBC-647, SC-624, ST-314

Industrial Safety Engg: Gen-746, OBC-686, SC-534, ST-384

Industrial Enng & Mangmt: G-737, O-686, SC-536, ST-366

Manufacturing Technology: G-750, O-722, SC-532, ST-611

Material Science & Engg: G-698, O-647, SC-455, ST-242

Thermal Power Engg: G-786, O-754, SC-598, ST-504

Welding Engineering: G-715, O-669, SC-511, ST-504

2. NIT Rourkela (All India Rank-12)

Cryogenics & Vacumm Tech: G-594, O-543, SC-328, ST----

Metallurgical & Mat. Engg: G- 588, O-523, SC-334, ST-----

Industrial Design……………..: G-645, O-581, SC-419, ST- 238

Machine Design& Analysis: G-701, O-659, SC-476, ST-416

Production Engineering: G-665, O- 620, SC-451, ST-331

Thermal Engineering………: G-693, O-658, SC- 511, ST- 433

3. IIEST Shibpur, Bengal (All India Rank- 17)

Heat Power: G-658, O-595, SC-423, ST-----

Machine Design: G- 659, O-569, SC-544, ST----

MaterialScience& Tech: G-542, O-472, SC-341, ST---

Mechanics of Fluid: G-608, O-540, SC-384, ST-291

Mechanics of Solid: G-587, O-515, SC-351, ST-327

Production Engineering: G-620, O-546, SC-398, ST-261

Renewable Energy Sci & Tech: G-548, O-476, SC-337, ST-258

4. NIT,Surathkal (All India Rank-22)

Computational Mechanics: G-680, O-585, SC-410, ST-275

Design & Precession Engg: G-775, O-736, SC-597, ST-

Manufacturing Engg: G-733, O-687, SC-500, ST-391

Material Engineering: G-627, O-565, SC-392, ST-245

NanoTechnology.: G-655, O-567, SC-390, ST- 306

Thermal Engineeri: G-761, O-733, SC-555, ST-447

5. NIT Warangal (All India Rank-34)

Additive Manufacturing: G-685, O-593, SC---, ST- 377

Machine Desig.: G-786, O-740, SC-558, ST-472

Manufacturing Engg: G-736, O-719, SC-500, ST-491

Materials & System Engg. Degn: G-685, O-631, SC-394, ST-271

Metallurgy & Material Tech: G- 645, O-574, SC-384, ST-256

Thermal Engineering: G-775, O-736, SC-557, ST-451

6. MNIT, Allahabad (All India Rank-41)

CAD & CAM: G-662, O-601, SC-440, ST-333

Design Engineering: G-736, O-701, SC-516, ST-352

Engineering Mechanics & Design: G- 666, O- 617, SC-455, ST-313

Fluid Engineering: G-701, O-652, SC-451, ST-292

Material Science & Engg: G-638, O-576, SC-425, ST-267

Product Design & Development: G-680, O-596, SC-426, ST-

Production Engineering: G-705, O-658, SC-501, ST-444

Thermal Engineering: G-733, O-687, SC-525, ST-433

7. VNIT, Nagpur (All India Rank-42)

CAD/CAM: G- 638, O-574, SC-420, ST-285

Heat Power: G-666, O-611, SC-447, ST-366

Industrial Engg: G-631, O-569, SC-440, ST-243

Material Engg: G-581, O-532, SC-328, ST---

8. NIT, Calicut (All India Ranking-44)

Energy Engg, & Management: G-599, O-551, SC-395, ST-288

Industrial Engg, & Management: G-673, O-641, SC-447, ST-321

Machine Design: G-729, O-719, SC-494, ST-409

Manufacturing Technology: G-708, O-661, SC-444, ST-355

Material Science & Technology: G-599, O-543, SC-368, ST---

Nanotechnology: G-588, O-512, SC-345, St-279

Thermal Sciences: G-723, O-698, SC-512, ST-434

9. SVNIT, Surat ( All India Ranking-50)

CAD/CAM: G-661, O-590, SC-366, ST-331

Manufacturing Engineering: G-666, O-615, SC-370, ST-331

Mechanical Engineering: G-691, O-627, SC-466, ST-302

Thermal System Design: G-704, O-661, SC-502, ST-394

Turbo Machine: G-655, O-588, SC-362, ST-316

10. NIT, Silchar (All India Ranking-53)

CAD-CAM & Automation: G-562, O-505, SC-335, ST-281

Design & Manufacturing: G-578, O-533, SC-317, ST-239

Material & Manufacturing Tech: G-548, O-511, SC-320, ST--

Thermal engineering: G-590, O-550, SC-363, ST---

11. NIT Durgapur (All India Ranking-55)

Advanced Material Science & Tech: G-550, O-494, SC-324, ST-221

Fluid Mechanics & Heat Transfer: G-634, O-558,SC-402, ST-292

Machine Design: G-645, O-588, SC-444, ST-302

Metallurgy & Material Tech: G-550, O-491, SC-321, ST--

Operations Research: G-594, O-526, SC-327, ST---

Thermal Engineering: G-655, O-595, SC-444, ST-352

12. NIT, Hamirpur (All India Ranking-59)

CAD-CAM: G-590, O-532, SC-328, ST---

Energy Technlogy: G-563, O-483, SC-351, ST-260

Material Science & Engg: G-571, O-507. SC-341, ST---

Thermal Engineering (CFD): G-655, O-581, C-408, ST-338

13. NIT Kurukshetra (All India Ranking-60)

Industrial & Production Engg: G-640, O-574, SC-419, ST-227

Machine Design: G- 676. O-634, SC-459, ST-352

Material Science & Tech: G-491, O-410, SC-279, ST--

Nanotechnology: G-510, O-417, SC-279, ST---

Renewable Energy System: G-635, O-512, SC-433

Thermal Engineering: G-673, O-606, SC-518, ST-250

14. MANIT, Bhopal ( All India Ranking-61)

Engineering Materials: G-593, O-525, SC-338, ST-257

Hydro Power Engineering: G-592, O-553, SC-345, ST-362

industrial design: G-677, O-605, SC-493, ST-399

Material Science & Tech: G-604, O-539, SC-359, ST---

Nanotechnology: G-563, O-489, SC-334, ST---

Renewable Energy: G-588, O-524, SC-352, ST-267

Thermal Engineering: G-694, O-662, SC-525, ST-472

15. Pt. Dwarka Prasad M IIIT, Design & Manufacturing, Jabalpur ( AIR- 69)

CAD-CAM: G-574, O-521, SC-317, ST---

Design: G-622, O-536, SC-420, ST---

Manufacturing: G-600, O-525, SC-324, ST--

16. MNIT, Jaipur (All India Rank-70)

Design Engineering: G-704, O-666, SC-513, ST-388

Industrial Engineering: G-659, O-619, SC-437, ST-257

Material Science & Engg: G-620, O-532, SC-466, ST-286

Metallurgical & Mat. Science: G-618, O-578, SC-416, ST-338

Production Engineering: G-672, O-648, SC-490, ST-271

Renewable Energy: G-648, O-530, SC-363, ST-402

Thermal Engineering: G-701, O-673, SC-498, ST-338

17. PEC, Chandigarh (All IndiaRanking-85)

Industrial Design: G-539, O-----, SC-320, ST----

Industrial Material & Metallurgy: G-521, O----, SC-314, ST---

Mechanical Engineering: G-588, O----, SC-367, ST---

Production & Industrial Engg: G-576, O---, SC-327, ST----

Total Quality Management: G-517, O----, SC-299, ST---

18. NIT, Manipur (All India Ranking-87)

Thermal & Fluid Engineering: G-599, O-504, SC-327, ST---

19. NIT, Meghalaya (All India Ranking-100)

Fluid & Thermal Engineering: G-576, O-505, SC-363, ST---

20. Dr. BR Ambedkar NIT, Jalandhar

Manufacturing Technology: G-595, O-541, SC-374, ST-250

Mechanical Engineering: G-620, O-555, SC-408, ST-260

21. NIT, Patna

Design Engineering: G-641, O-583, SC-401, ST-323

Production Engineering: G-605, O-571, SC-356, ST-321

Thermal Engineering: G-641, O-592, SC-451, ST-270

22. NIT Raipur

Industrial Engineering & Management: G-608, O-543, SC-384, ST-310

Machine Design: G-640, O-587, SC-398, ST-384

Thermal Engineering: G-645, O-590, SC-412, ST-313

23. NIT Jamshedpur

CAD/CAM: G-594, O-528, SC-333, ST-314

Foundary Teechnology: G-546, O-483, SC-318, ST---

Manufacturing System Engg: G-618, O-557, SC-342, ST-249

Metallurgy & Material Tech: G-573, O-497, SC-324, ST---

Thermal Engineering: G-651, O-592, SC-527, ST-310

24. NIT Srinagar

Industrial Tribology & Maintenance: G-511, O-469, SC-299, ST---

Mechanical System Design: G-536, O-498, SC-306, ST---

25. NIT Agartala

Automotive Engineering: G-566, O-516, SC-352, ST-405

Computer Aided Manufacturing: G-546, O-487, SC-324, ST-262

Machine Design: G-597, O-541, SC---, ST…..

Manufacturing Tech: G-566, O-507, SC-359, ST-299

Thermal Sciences & Engg: G-596, O-522, SC-394, ST-302

26. NIT Arunanchal Pradesh

Mechanical System Design & Innovation: G-542, O-494, SC-320, ST-338

Renewable Energy & Energy Mangmnt: G-472, O-420, SC-306, ST-246

27. IIIT Design & Manufacturing, Chennai

M-Design in Mechanical System: G-609, O-547, SC-405, ST-247

Smart Manufacturing: G-558, O-515, SC-388, ST-252

28. NIFFT Hatia, Ranchi

Foundry Forge Technology: G-535, O-486, SC-314, ST-238

Manufacturing Engineering: G-565, O-500, SC-313, ST---

Material Science & Engineering: G-528, O-475, SC-306 ST--

29. St. Longowal IET, Punjab

Manufacturing System Engg: G-525, O-484, SC-303, ST---

Welding & Fabrication: G-515, O-472, SC-302, ST---

The Above Mentioned Cut Off are after 2nd Round of Counseling, So if You belong to these GATE Score then you will definitely get the Particular Institute. The Cut Off of 3rd Round of Counselling is Unpredictable It may be the same, It may fluctuate down to 10-50 GATE SCORE.
For Fee Structure of any Institute Mentioned above Just Visit official Website of CCMT
For any Further Details about any Course, Visit the Website of Particular Institute & Grab the Contact Number of any Professor and then ask your all doubt.!

CCMT Official website : click here

Information Brochure

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