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GATE 2018 TOPPERS INTERVIEWS FEEDBACK/QUESTIONS of BHEL and few tips to crack the interview

GATE 2018 TOPPERS INTERVIEWS FEEDBACK/QUESTIONS OF BHEL and few tips to crack the interview

1.Interview experience BHEL
Branch - Mechanical
Rank - 46
The management was so good that I had to wait only for an hour or so.
The interview was a mix of technical and HR questions.
You come from IIT Roorkee? Do you belong to Uttarakhand?

What is your hometown famous for?
Tell us about your family.
What is the reason for this two days strike by bankers?
Tell us about yourself.
What were the problems faced by the freshers in your college?
Will you go for higher studies?
What are your area of interest?

Tell me about the parts in a power plant.
Why there's a negative pressure in the condenser?
Would it be okay if you are posted in south?
Tell me different types of Welding.
What is a shielding gas?
If you are posted in south and your seniors start saying stuff like, "Kahan aa gaye yaar tum?", how would you react?
Duration - 15-20 minutes
The panel was friendly and helping

2.Interview experience BHEL
Branch - Mechanical
31 may 2018
Venue-New Delhi
Panel consist of 5 sir 2 mam
Entered and wished 

First question meaning of my name and then
Tell me about yourself
They were impressed that I was mess secretary in college,so 2-3 min questions on that.
Then project (Just description)
Then some ques from ranchi ,Jharkhand as I am from ranchi.
Pilgrim places in Jharkhand.

Where do you want posting.
What if you get posted here and there....
Technical ques:
Name devices based on 2nd law of thermodynamics

What is supercharging,scavenging
What is pump storage plant.Different units of pressure.
What will happen to room if refrigerator door is kept open.
At last one mam asked .What leadership qualities you have.
Interview was good 

3.Interview experience BHEL
Branch - Mechanical

Panel 7 members
Timing 12-15 min
Your name
Occupation of family members
Training -I was trained in BHEL, Haridwar so question were like 
Did you visit there for complete 1 month, different units there ,what did you learn or observed.
Have you visited any powerplant
Some basic questions on pp like why high pressure is kept, use of pump in power plants.
Difference between thermodynamic and HT.

4.Interview experience BHEL
Branch - Mechanical
30 MAY 2018

tell me about yourself
Where are you from? 
Gate rank?
Gate score?
Did you take coaching? 
Why not join business with your family?
Area of interests?
Will the maicrowave heat a substance that doesn't have water? 
What is scavenging?
Which engine is more efficient CI or SI? 
how the heat is transferred in the boilers? 
Are you open to any location? 
What other psu’s have you applied for? 
If you get selected in all which will you join?
Questions were not asked from area interest.
No questions were asked from project.
A few questions were asked from summer internship.
There was no cross questioning.

5.Interview experience BHEL
 Branch - Mechanical
Panel -6 members(2 female members)
Duration-20 mins
1.from which college u have completed ur NIT surat)
2. For what things Surat is famous for.(diamond ,textile, clean city)
3.hometown?(morena, madhya Pradesh)
4. Morena is famous For?(chambal valley, danku or daket then they laugh loudly and I give smile)
5.You have done training from bhel Bhopal?
6. What you did there?
7. Types of machine with specifications?
8. Relate fluid mechanics to hydropower plant
9. Relate thermodynamics with hydropower plant. 
10. Types of hardening process
11. Family background.

6.Interview experience BHEL

DATE : 30 MAY 2018
Panel : 6 members (1 female)
1. About the city from where u graduated (3-4 questions)
2. Which type of generator is used in wind mill- synchronous or asynchronous ?
3. What are the advantages of using synchronous motor?
4. Significance of different phasor groups written on nameplate of transformer?
4. Which material is used in core of synchronous generator ?
5. Which class insulation is used in generators?
6. How much temp rise is allowed in generators?
7. Mason's gain formula?
8. Tell us about bhel ?
9. In which unit we make locomotives ?
10. Who is competitor of BHEL ?

About hobby (cricket) :
11. What is knuckle bowl ?
12. What variations do bowler use in bowling?
13. Fastest pitch in world ?
14. What qualities should a captain possess ?
Maximum questions were from bio data form only.

7.Interview experience BHEL
AIR 124 EE

After a long wait from 2:50PM, my interview started at 7:30PM.
Duration=> 20-25 minutes.
Panel members=> 5 male and 1 female.

Asked about hometown, and your hometown is famous for? and some more questions related to that.
Recent election is happened in up? I told, yes sir, in kairana.
kairana is famous for?

What is EVM. Manipulation is possible in EVM? Some more about election.

Some questions on hobby.(nearly 10 questions on hobby).

Industrial training related questions.(4-5 questions).

If I am saying you don't have leadership qualities, how will you convince me that I'm wrong?

Asked about favourite subjects. I said, "power system, power electronics and machine".
They told, power electronics, very good.

question are,
Drow characteristics of triac?
What is holding and latching current?
Configuration of Thyristor? And some more very basic questions.
Why Antipumping is used in circuit breaker?

You did vocational training in NTPC, that is well settled plant. we made such plant for NTPC. It is very tough to stay on these types of sites during construction. You can join BHEL for this type of work?
Last question,
What do you know about BHEL like business and in which direction BHEL is tried to shift it's business?

 8.Interview experience BHEL
Branch - Mechanical
29 may 2018  
Venue Delhi Entered and wished them
They asked me to sit
First question-meaning of my name told the meaning of my name krishnaveer Second ques - introduce yourself? Told about my hometown, graduation and project.
Next ques - as you have done your training from BHEL haridwar, tell about the machine tools used in the turbine manufacturing. then asked about the machining processes. then asked about the types of turbines. they make me draw the blade profile on the sheet . then asked about shrouding of blades. then another interviewer asked about the project and make me draw the mechanism of the machine which i fabricated in my project... that's was all about the interview . the whole interview was around the training and final year project. i will suggest you all to get fully prepared to these two important aspects of our graduation.

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