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IIT interview questions & guidance by topers/ GATE/M.TECH/M.S

IIT interview questions & guidance by topers

I had attended written test and interview on 9th MAY 2018
They called about 150 students for 19 seats in CERAMIC ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT IIT BHU.

Around 120 students came for written exam of 1:30 hours contains 42 subjective questions of 50 marks on Que-cum Ans sheet.
They shortlist 31 students for 19 seats for interview that starts from 4:00 pm and continued upto 9:00 pm.
I wait till 7:30 pm. panel consist of 5 members including Head of department.
1-From where you have completed your engineering.
2-What are Ceramics?
3-why ceramics are strong in compression and weak in tension?
4-some examples of ceramics?
5-what are composites?types of composites.
6-what is FRP?
7-what is Hardness? how we measure hardness of material?
8-How we measure hardness using Rockwell and Brinell hardness Test?
9-draw iron carbon phase diagram on paper.
10-what is your project in btech?
As my project is "Fabrication of Mechanical spider Robot"
so they ask -
11- What is a Robot and types of Robot?
12- And Last question asked by HOD -What is a PHASE?
and when i answered -Phase is a Physically distinct,chemically homogeneous and mechanically separable state of a system.
They all start laughing and that's all.

I have attended interviews in few IITs as well as in IISc and what I observed is that generally questions are asked on basic concepts. Questions can be devided mainly in following types:
·         General HR type like why u want to join , why this college, why this branch etc. Sometimes they also asked about your previous background like if there is any year gap than reason for that.
·         One of the most common area for questions is your B.Tech/ B.E. projects. Whatever you done in your project, you should know properly. Questions starts from your idea and may go up to all concepts used in your project.
·         Main part of the interview is Technical questions. Generally they ask about your areas of interest first than start questions in that particular area but questions may also beyond that. If you are going for any specific branch than questions will be from that area. For example in Solid mechanics questions may be from shear force, bending moment, deflections of beams under different loading conditions while in thermodynamics questions from entropy, reversibility, available energy, and thermodynamic cycles are very common.
·         Some Mathematical concepts are also asked generally and if you are in IISc than it is sure that questions in mathematics will be asked . Questions in maths are not very tough basic maths is asked like tricky curve plotting .
·         In IISc first question, I faced is about application of maths in different areas of Mechanical engineering. And than they asked to do some derivations of Solid mechanics using vector calculus and differential equations. By the way in IITs that much maths is not generally asked and also in IISc my interview was for interdisciplinary course. For mechanical, scenario may be different.

Every IIT have their different criterion for final selection and weightage of GATE and/or CGPA they generally not disclose but wherever is interview , it plays important role in selection.
I hope it will help you. All the best.

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