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PSU’s INTERVIEW GUIDANCE BY TOPPERS/GATE/ESE interview experience/ important Questions asked in interviews

 PSU’s INTERVIEW GUIDANCE BY TOPPERS/ important Questions asked in interviews

 ISRO interview Experience 1
NAME- Rajat Kumar Singh
Venue- New Delhi
Interview reporting time: 8 AM
Interview happened at: 12:25 PM
DATE: 22 Sep 2017
After filling some forms we all aspirants were made to sit in a conference hall. Slowly one by one people were called for interview. My turn came after 4 long hours. I was the last person to be called before lunch. We were told not to carry certificate folder in the interview room.There were 9-10 people including one female member sitting around U shaped table.Upon entering I was asked to sit on a chair near the whiteboard.
Chairman- good afternoon. Please introduce yourself.

Me- good afternoon mam and sirs. My name is Rajat Kumar Singh, I told them about my schooling, college,etc..(it was very short introduction). And my areas of interests are ENGG. MECHANICS, SOM, HMT, FLUID MECHANICS and MACHINE DESIGN (actually,i was not fully prepared for machine design so slowly told “machine design”)
Q. what is your last subject?
Me – sir Machine design. (i thought ab to gya mai)
Q. ok rajat, what is fail-safe approach?
Me- after 3-4 second, sir it is an approach in designing, we design our system or machine in such a way that there is minimal loss in terms of money and safety. For example, in the design of shaft and key, we make our key weakest member. In boiler design also we provide safety valve so that in case of overpressure our boiler will be safe.
Q. Take a marker and draw a thick cylinder.
Me- i made two concentric circles.
Q. how will you classify thin and thick cylinders?
Me- sir if the wall thickness is less than about 7% of internal diameter we treat it as thin otherwise thick.
Q. okay, draw one more cylinder over it and there is fluid inside it. Tell me how will hoop stress vary for both cylinders?
Q. what if there is external pressure and no internal fluid?
Me- drawn.
Q.  Very good. draw one cantilever with point load at one end. Tell me the deflection at free end.
Me: (trying to impress, started deriving the formula)
Q. just tell me the formula
Me- WL^3/(3 EI)
Q. cut it in two pieces and tell me about shear forces at different points.
Me- drawn two half beams and showed the shear forces.
Q. draw its shear force and bending moment diagram
Me- drawn easily.
Q. how will shear stress vary?
Me- drawn transverse shear stress variation.(D shaped)
Q. what is the relation between average and maximum shear stress?
Me- 3/2 times of average.
Q.What if beam is circular?
Me-4/3 sir.
Q. There is a rectangular beam hanging with a cable on a crane. The weight of beam is 10 tonnes. Angle b/w cables is 60 degree. What will be tension in the cable?
Me-(drawn) suppose weight is uniformly distributed then at each ends weight is 5 tonnes each. Applied force balance and calculated tensions easily.

Q. Do you know projectile motion?

Me- yes sir.
Q. at what angle the range is maximum?

Me- at 45-degree sir(smiled)
Q. write rigid body equation of motion?
Me- d(m*v)/dt = F (i don’t know it was right or wrong but they smiled).

(i was thinking inko bhukh ni lagi kya )
Q. if i give you perimeter= 12 m can you find the dimensions for maximum area?
Me- it was easy.
area A=a*b
put d(A)/dt=0
got the answer.
Female member(F)- rajat i think you are tired now take a seat.
Me – thank you mam.
Q. we will ask something related to ISRO. Do you know what was last mission all about?
Me- mam it was the launch of PSLV C39. India is developing its own GPS, for that we already sent 7 satellites but mam there was some problem in one of the satellites. So we were replacing that satellite with newer one. This mission was unsuccessful because heat shield did not separate.
Q. what is heat shield?
Me-this is like a cover for our payload. Due to air resistance, surface temperature increases enormously. To protect our payload we use heat shield.
Interviewrs: we are done now. Thank you.
Me- thank you mam
(everyone was smiling, a big sign of relief at that moment)
My interview went for about 35-40 minutes. This was purely technical.
The main thing is if you are not very well prepared don’t be nervous. In introduction only tell them about your favorite subjects. They didn’t ask about my project. I answered almost everything but if u don’t know the answer tell them directly.I got 83.11 in the final result.
Thank you.

ISRO interview Experience 2
I got 138 in written examination,qualified for the interviews and appeared on 24th Dec at SAC Ahmedabad. There were 8 person including chairman and a mam. After introduction chairman asked me favourite subjects and I replied SOM TOM MD and HMT Power Plant and then a rapid fire round of 30 minutes started…
Q1. Define degree of freedom for a mechanism. What is the degree of freedom in space and plane?
Q2. What is Grubler’s formula to find dof of mechanism?
Q3. Draw a mechanism having all revolute pairs with 5 links and find Degree of freedom.
Q4. Then in the same mechanism he told me to fix another link and asked what will be effect on Degree of freedom ?
Q5. What is redundant link and redundant Degree of freedom?
Q6. Name different types of gears
Q7. Comparison between involute and cycloidal profile.
Q8. Draw tooth geometry and show pressure angle.
Q9. What is contact ratio?
Q10. What is path of contact and show when there will be first contact between teeth of gears?
The session of TOM was about to end but then chairman told that you have classified all types of gears but forgot one i.e. epicyclic gear train. I think he wanted me to also show internal gearing.
Q11. Draw epicyclic gear train and find Degree of freedom.
Q12. Draw universal joint. Does the velocity ratio in universal joint remain constant or vary? If varies then write formula and show variation of velocity ratio with angular position of shafts.
Then some questions from Heat Transfer…
Q13. Suppose a cuboid in furnace at 300°C is brought suddenly to room temperature then write governing differential equation and show temperature variation with time.
Q14. I drew exponential decreasing curve and he was asking why curve is not touching room temp. line why it is going to infinity?
So this was a short session of Heat Transfer and then suddenly an interviewer asked
Q15. What is balancing and types.16. Tell me the necessary condition for a rotating disk to be balanced.
Basically they ask questions related to project,they asked me to explain project on board by drawing diagram or its figure. after that some basic question from project. As I am a production engineer they asked about cpm pert and mass production ,plasma welding triangles representing surface some students they also asked questons from drawing. 

Some key instructions About BPCL.
v Know about company well .They are asking about your subjects. Please go ready with relevant subjects
v Don’t talk negetive about PRIVATE SECTOR....a student got grilled badly on that.
v Don’t  use unecessary words like pure for sure or financial fihures and terms if u r not sure Please go well dressed.
v Don’t argue with interviewers

Q1.Difference between thermo and heat transfer
Q2.Why you want to join BPCL.very commonly asked question.
Q3.Why not private sector.
Q4.Tell us about your PROJECT.MOST IMPORTANT
Q5.Tell us about your family background
Q6.What Training you did and Can you work fr 12 to 18 hrs
Q7.What is Maintenance engineering
Q. What is Welding lathe machine. How it works.

Ø In my technical, they asked me about my job experience, B.Tech project and area of interest. My Area of interest was Fluid Mechanics, SOM. They asked about pumps, characteristic curves, gas cutting
These are all actual questions asked in the BPCL interview as per  students feedbacks.


A. Group Discussion

1. They will form a group of 12 to 14 people.

2. They will give you a case study.

3. Time allotted to read a case study is 5 minutes.

4. Then GD will be open for 10 to 12 minutes.

Tips to crack GD

1. As soon as you get case study, don’t waste time by writing your name, date etc. Just start reading it and make notes on the same page.

2. Don’t ever look at panel from entering the room to leaving.

3. Don’t start the GD unless you are thorough with case study and have full confidence. (The person who started the GD from our group was not selected because he was not fluent and sounded like he has less confidence)

4. Only First entry is sufficient to crack the GD. You should explain you will take certain action and their consequence. Don’t take long. Keep it to the point.

5. Don’t ever interrupt anyone. Let them complete their point after that speak with just a bit high pitch to get in the game and after that speak with audible voice to everyone.

6. Try to look at everyone in your group while speaking.

7. Take second entry in GD, when its absolute necessary and you have a good point otherwise don't repeat points in second entry.

8. Listen to each person while speaking and try to nod your head whenever necessary. (This was absent in our group so only 4 of 12 people selected from GD, normally in others group 6-7 are selected from 12)

9. Don’t wait till panel itself ask you to speak in GD, that’s a bad impression. Try to make entry before that.

10. Again conclude only when you know you will do it better and have confidence. While concluding take everyone's point in consideration.


Case Study - 01

X Person is working as a manager in a company. He has taken education loan of 10 lakhs from company. Company has ash handling plant but to increase profit and reduce expenses they shut down that plant which is against the law. When you know this situation you talk with higher management but they already knew about it and ask you to stay silent. Now if you take any action u might lose your job. Now what will you do and why?
Case Study – 02
X person is working as manager in company. There is overtime done by employees to save their job for which they are not getting paid. But they are happy with it because they want to save their job. What will you do and why?

Total around 100 students came from that around 50 were shortlisted.


1. Last up to 10, 15 or 20 minutes. Depends.10 minutes are average.

2. Fluid mechanics and machinery is compulsory topic you have to study. In that specifically PUMPS. Pump types, their application, pump characteristics, NPSH, cavitations, basic working principle. Have a basic idea about pump used regularly in home i.e. their head and discharge. They don’t ask formulas. They don’t ask DEEP QUESTIONS also. They just want basic info from you.

3. Almost to most of people they ask their favourite subjects. Prepare three subjects strong. They don't ask anything else from your favourite subjects plus FM.

4. They ask very basic questions e.g. if you say your favourite subject is THERMO (which was told by 90% of all people in our group) then questions like
a. How many laws of thermodynamics are there and what are they?
b. What is difference between HT and THERMO.

c. What is Rankine cycle and where it is used?

d. How power plant works?

e. What are power plant accessories and how they are used?

Note - Similar basic questions with other subject also.


6. Also after cracking GD they give you PART B to fill up which consist following questions. This is very important part. You have to fill it carefully. They might ask you questions from that in TECHNICAL interview itself though it’s for PERSONAL interview.

a. Why are you keen to join BPCL?

b. Why did you choose to specialize in this stream?

c. What have been your biggest (Academic, Personal, Profession) achievements till date?

d. What has been your biggest failure and what did u learn from it?

e. What is your two biggest strength?

f. According to you what are the areas for improvements.

g. Give an example of Initiative, Assignment, and Project that didn't work out well.

h. How would your friends describe you?

i. Where do you see yourself after five years from now?

From 50 students 22 were shortlisted for FINAL interview. Number of people may vary.


1. Duration is average 10 minutes.

2. Mostly the First question is Tell me about yourself (Same question is asked in TECHNICAL INTERVIEW also, I forgot to mention there.

3. From that onward interview revolves based on what you tell. So be prepared for that question well.

4. If you have gap or work experience then be ready for that question also. This is very important.

5. Other questions asked in HR (hobbies, family, and your other interests).

6. Also read as much as you can about BPCL but Basic info of BPCL is mandatory like their products, their plants refineries location. More you know will be better.

7. The questions I have given above in PART B play an important role here.

8 .If you have a good rank then they will ask why not M.Tech or MBA?

9. All remaining questions were like if you placed in that locations will you be ok like that.

10. Also why do you want to join BPCL and not IOCL or ONGC?
This is all about interview.

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