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BARC INTERVIEW QUESTIONS and EXPERIENCE share by selected candidates

BARC INTERVIEW QUESTIONS and EXPERIENCE share by selected  candidates
1. A infinite vertical piston and cylinder was given with air on both sides such that piston is supported by a support ,now you suddenly remove the support such that piston expands due to its self weight, will the piston stop if yes after how much distance will it stop ,draw pv diagram and temperature variation along the length of the piston
2. How will you transfer heat from lower temperature to higher temperature without using compressor or any other devices which runs on electricity give me a green method suitable for environment.
3. Why does ship float in water if the density of the material of ship is more than the water. .
4. Why does ship flow above water and submarines flow inside water.
5. Two Bodies are at same temperature one of aluminum and other plastic which will have more energy ,how will you transfer that energy from higher to lower
6. Graph of developing flow in laminar flow , which will have more hydrodynamic entrance length turbulent flow or laminar flow 7.5 kg of ice is mixed at -20 with 5kg of water at 20 find the equilibrium temperature
8. Draw the temperature profile for heat transfer due to convection and radiation combined . More graphical questions were there for finding stresses in thin cylinder.
BARC INTERVIEW QUESTIONS and EXPERIENCE share by selected  candidates

1) BARC INTERVIEW - totally technical interview . quite lenthy , in my case it lasted for 75 minutes . Normally there is a panel of 5 interviewrs , who are very much supportive and keep giving on hints wherever required . The interview starts with very basic questions and slowly slowly the difficulty level of questions is raised .
For clearing BARC interview one should have good command over basics , As the interview is pure technical and lenghty so atleast 5-6 subjects should be prepared as favourite subjects. ANALYTICAL APPROACH to solve a problem should be developd while preparing for BARC interview .

Barc interview experience. 15th June.There were five person sitting in the room. First chairman ask my name and also what were youdoing since 2015.
Why did you left job?
Then they ask to write five subjects.
1. HT 2. Thermo 3. Mat. Sc 4. Som 5. Fm
Q.1 How does a pressure cooker works
2. Draw pressure and temp v/s time graph. Also T-s diagram
3. Assume base of cooker is hemispherical draw temp profile.
4. Draw temp profile for heat transfer from cylinder.
5. How would you define stainless steel. Show physically what happens when chromium is added.
6. Carbon is which kind of impurity in iron. Show in figure
7. Draw stress strain diagram of aluminium.
8. Why strain offset is required and its value(not in %)
9. Show elastic and plastic strain in unloading condition.
10. Position of specimen in charpy and izod test.
11. Value of eutectoid temp. How austenite is made stable at room temp.
11. Draw diagram of bcc and fcc. And find total atoms.
12. Why railway tracks crack in winter.
13. Do you know something about cryogenics.
14. If a cold drink bottle is kept outside building and a long straw is placed in it. Then is it possible to drink it from roof of building.
15. What happens if a small leakage is there in straw.
16. If it was a frutty pack( straw covered around periphery) what would be the effect.
17. While drinking frutty first it comes at high rate then there is a sound in pack. Reason
18. Derive capillary rise
19. Take a small capillary and raise water through it. Place another capillary over it and so on. Will it work. Can this system replace pump.
Interview duration was 1 hr. they were starting with a problem and then going to deep level.

Interview experience shared by one student
My BARC interview (7th june)
Mechanical (AIR 16)
5 minutes general talks to make comfortable environment for us
Write your favourite subjects
A diagram of canteliver is given with inclined load and asked to drow SFD , BMD
Find critical crossection in given cantilever
Derive formula for deflection at free end
Show variation in sfd, bmd if load is shifted towards fixed end
Show stress distribution of composite beam
Draw mohr circle for critical crossection in cantilever and explain it
Piston cylinder arrangement was given with electric heater in it and asked to draw P-V diagram
A cylinder of air (150bar and 50 degree celcius) plus other data and asked to find heat supplied
till the pressure drop to 10 bar as the cylinder valve is opened
Air conditioner work on which principle
Draw the cycle and T-s diagram
Explain function of each component
Which factor decides working pressure of condensor
How to increase COP of VCRS
Why condenser of refrigerator is inside room
A furnace of composite cylindrical walls is given
Asked to draw temperature profiles
Drive expression for temperature profile in terms of diatance from one end in a conical solid
tube having different temperatures at its ends
What are the controlling factors to decide height of pump from sump level.
Interview was of 1 hr 15 minutes.

The panel consisted of 4 members. They began with a brief 10-15 minutes discussion about my homeplace and reasons why I left my previous job. They also asked what I know about BARC Interviews. They were very friendly and easy going and told me to be calm and stress free. After that they asked me to write down my favourite subjects. I wrote:
2) Thermodynamics
3) Heat Transfer
4) Fluid Mechanics
Q-1: A container containing 10 kg of water is kept on weighing scale .If a string is tied to a 1 kg ball (density 10 times than water) and is immersed in the container, how the reading of weighing scale will change?? (from the time when ball is completely outside the water to the point when it is completely submerged; assuming tank is sufficiently large so that water does not overflows out of tank)
Q-2 A gas is contained in a frictionless cylinder-piston arrangement whose walls are sufficiently long and the surface above piston is exposed to atmospheric pressure. The whole assembly is turned upside down suddenly (so that pistons starts moving down due to its weight). They asked me to draw P-V diagram of the whole process till a steady state is reached.
Q-3.A balloon is being inflated with air isothermally so that both pressure and volume of air inside balloon is increasing. Then why PV=RT is not followed in this case?? (LHS is increasing while RHS remains same)They also asked me one more question on fluid which they linked with the design afterwards (although I didn’t wrote design in my favourite subjects). They kept on providing hints in the whole interview which lasted for one hour.

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I cleared BARC.
In BARC interview they will ask basic questions. About subjects fundamentals.
If we take Heat transfer They will be interested to know the distribution of temperature across the slab thickness. What if the conductivity is a function of temperature.
If we take SOM, they will interested about pressure vessel, columns, shear force and bending moment diagram, Mohr circle .If we take thermodynamics then they will be specific about application of 2nd law of thermodynamics.
Also. Application of combined loading. Axial and bending moment in field of machine design. Best way to clear interview is to study the favorite subject from standard textbook in reference to class notes given in made easy.

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